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Repair Service:
Annual servicing your appliances to make sure is working effienctly and safe.
Checking your gas pressure.
Checking that there is no gas leak.
Landlord gas saftey check and certification (CP12)
System repair and modification of system. 
Boiler upgrades and new insulation and of full central heating, installation from system boiler to combi boiler (combi convertion) Heating controls incloding new room stat, TRV, and additinal radiators.
Gas boilers
Our Gas Safe registered Engineers can install new A rated boilers of over 90 percent Sedbuck band from 1 to 10 years manufactures guarantee.
Boiler Repair:
Boiler repair and fault finding including combi, conventional and system boilers. ....

Power flush:  Power flush could be an idea solution to clean and maintain your central heating system to improve the amount of heat permitted from your radiator.
TM Heating Engineers Service Area:

A combi boiler can provide your home endless hot water, and save you energy. 
We are based in Chiswick and cover most of London area Post codes incloding:
West London/ Central London/ North London/ North West London/ South West London
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